Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sneek peek into quilt top

I have pieced together the first part of the quilt top and will be adding a one inch inner border in deep pink and then a 6 inch outer border in the floral fabric you can see in some of the blocks.  What do you think so far?

I am very happy with it.  It is a sampler quilt obviously, so that we can try out the various techniques.  It will be a large lap size when it's done and will fit well with the decor in our family room.  I will add more photos as it nears its completion.

We are having a lot of work done on the exterior of our home.  It started out with getting a quote to re-paint our front porch.  But we bought some white rockers for the porch and when we sat on them, we realized that the porch was rather more angled than we realized.  So painting it turned into demolishing and re-building it in a bigger size as well as a new front door and the driveway being resurfaced and having some interlock along the edge and at the steps of the new porch.  Oh and we are also having our back patio ripped up and interlock paving installed there!  Can you believe this all started with a paint job?  We have no plans to sell any time soon, so we want to get things the way we want them so we can enjoy.  Next on the list is a new bathroom and carpeting the 4 bedrooms, but that can wait for a while now!

I know all of you bloggers in the UK have had your share of bad weather lately, but let me tell you that our temperatures this week in Ottawa are very hot and humid!  Today it will be 39C with the humidex and the next few days will be 45C.  We are expecting thunder showers today, which will not help the humidity at all. We do have nice summer days, but when this humidity hits it is deadly and we are so grateful for our air conditioning!!!

Hope you have nice sunny weather wherever you are!

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  1. Love your quilt. Good luck with the work on the house.
    Love from Mum