Sunday, September 23, 2012


We have been very lucky this week as we have had a lot of Norah time!  Thursday & Friday night I babysat her while Mommy & Daddy were at church (Wendell was there also) and then yesterday we had her for the whole day as they were in Montreal at our temple which is a 2 hour drive away.  This was the first time Kelsi has left her for a whole day and it was hard for her to leave.  I completely understand that feeling, as I had it when mine were young.  But she was very brave and really wanted to go to the temple, so off they went.  Wendell and I had a fun day with Norah.  We went to their place around 7.45am and gave her some breakfast.  Kelsi had pumped enough milk for the day and she is also on some solids now.  We did a little shopping on the way back to our place and then she had a little nap.  In the afternoon we had to drop Rebekah at the mall, so we did a little window shopping and bought a little pooh bear for Norah.  Wendell had fun feeding her and we spent the day just enjoying her and watching her.

Having fun with applesauce

 With Grandad's cap
 There go those two fingers again!

 She likes to hold the bottle herself

One proud Grandad!

My mind has been wandering to Christmas lately.  Now because I only started this blog in January, those of you who don't actually know me, won't know that Christmas is a big deal to the Wagners - it is our favourite time of year!  Wendell and I go to Maine for a week alone at the end of October to celebrate our anniversary (31 years on Nov 6th).  we do a fair bit of Christmas shopping while we are there and when we get home, our Christmas tree goes up.  Now obviously, it's an artificial tree, or it would be dead by Christmas day!  As soon as the cooler days hit, I start to think of Christmas.  I love the cozy nesting feeling it always brings.  Now please understand that I am not a winter girl at all.  I was born in England and was not made for Ottawa winters, but Christmas is different and I love the crisp white snow and all that goes with it.  It can disappear in January for all I care, but in December it's a whole different story.  I am already gathering gifts and making plans.  I look forward to checking out all your blogs for ideas as well as time gets closer.  I will be cutting back substantially on the Christmas baking this year as we don't need as much, but I love to make things as gifts.  I always make something from the kitchen for our neighbours.  There is a chill in the air now and the nights are drawing in so that's where my mind is right now.  Any of you started your Christmas planning yet?  It's never too early you know!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Back home and settled in

We got home on Wednesday night but still considered ourselves "on vacation" as Wendell didn't go back to work until yesterday.  Even though we have a washer & dryer in the cottage there is always a mountain of laundry when we get back.  That was done and ironed on Thursday and life started to feel back to normal.

Norah playing with Aunty Bekah

Rebekah stayed at a friend's house on Friday and Saturday as she had some church activities.  So we had a weekend alone which was nice for a change. Wendell & I attend a family ward (congregation) but as Rebekah is in university and aged 21, she attends a ward made up of singles from aged 21-30.  It is a great opportunity for them to get to know people their own age with the same standards and values.  She loves it.  Each September there is a new influx of students who arrive.

Rebekah is in her third year of university but she is taking some second year classes as she took last year off and cut her course load in her second year.  She is majoring in linguistics and is very excited about her classes and Professors this year.  Here she is on the first day of classes

So life is back to normal and we are now looking forward to our trip to Salt Lake City at the beginning of October.  Our church has a general conference then and although we can watch it via satellite and internet here at home, sometimes it is nice to go in person.  Plus we have lots of friends in Utah which we like to visit. So another trip coming up soon.  Then at the end of October, Wendell and I are back off to Maine alone for a week to celebrate our 31st anniversary.  In between those two trips, Wendell has some business trips planned, so it will be a busy time.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Family time at the beach.

Andrew, Kelsi & Norah arrived Thursday night and we headed straight to the beach where our neighbours took these photos.

Our cottage is just to the left of the picture behind me.
Norah is the 3rd generation of Wagners we have had at Ocean Park.

We have been having fun with her at the beach although she wasn't too keen on the water as it was quite cold yesterday.  I dipped her feet in today and even though it was a little warmer, she still wasn't impressed!

Here she is in her Grandad's Tilly hat

And playing with him in the cottage

Fast asleep in the beach tent

And having a bath in the kitchen sink at the end of the day.

We are having a lot of fun with her.  Right now I am staying in the cottage as she naps so that Mommy & Daddy can have some beach time.