Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello from Maine!

Well, we have been here a week now on vacation and every single day has been a beach day!  This coming week looks no different either, so we are thrilled!

Here is our little cottage by the ocean

We have been coming to Ocean Park for 21 years.  Rebekah was only 6 months old when we first came.  At first we camped in our tent trailer, then we gradually moved closer to the ocean.  We have been staying at this cottage for four years now and can't imagine a better location.

Each morning, Wendell and I are up by 6.30am or so and then we set up the chairs

We go for a long walk along the beach.  Not a stroll, but a good walk to get the heart pumping!  We get back to our little beach set up and read our scriptures and then go in for breakfast.  We are out on the beach for the day by around 10am and pretty well stay for the whole day other than coming in for lunch.  We have two other beach umbrellas which we set up so we have plenty of shade for those who want it.  We play bocce, splash in the water and read - it is sheer heaven.

In the evenings we sometimes go shopping

And we will often sit and play board games as we love to do that.
People ask us how we can come to the same place every year and not get tired of it.  We don't understand the logic of that question.  It is the fact that we come each year which makes it special.  It has created tradition in our family and we love that!

This is how far we are from the beach.

This past Thursday was my birthday and we went out to dinner at a local restaurant which we love

Crab cakes for appetizers .....yum!

Surf & turf......grilled beef tenderloin medallions, baked stuffed sea scallops, rice pilaf and glazed carrots.

On Thursday, Andrew, Kelsi & Norah arrive for the last six days......we can hardly wait!  We haven't seen our little angel for a whole week and we miss her terribly!  They talked with us on skype on my birthday, but I just wanted to reach through the screen and kiss her.

She cut her first tooth yesterday.  Andrew said "it's white and very sharp!"  Look out mommy!  She has been chomping down for a while already - could get a little painful now!

Before we left, they came over and she was touching my face, and the next thing I knew, she was sucking on my chin!  I remember when our babies did this!

So cute!  Roll on Thursday!


  1. Hi Julie, it looks truly lovely. I say ignore anyone who asks why you keep going to the same place, if you find somewhere you love why go anywhere else. We go to the east coast next week and are a little further from the beach than you but the things I love most are walking on the beach beachcombing and listening to the sea crashing to shore. Bliss, Enjoy the rest of your stay.XX

  2. I think we share the same idea of a perfect vacation Anne! Enjoy your time on the east coast. We love that part of the world as well.