Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had a lovely Christmas and couldn't have asked for better.  Christmas Eve we had our usual tradition of watching "It's a wonderful life" and having a finger food buffet.  Adam & Alicia arrived around 4.30pm and we had a nice evening together.

Christmas day we started on the presents around 9am and it took a while.  Everyone loved their gifts and we had a lovely morning.  Andrew, Kelsi & Norah arrived around noon and we had round two of gift giving.  I had made both couples a quilt.  This one was for Adam & Alicia

And this one was for Andrew & Kelsi

They loved them and both girls were cuddled under them on Christmas night.

I made a baby quilt for Norah but forgot to take a photo, so I will get one soon and post that as well.

Wendell bought all of us girls a lovely hand crafted bracelet with swarovski elements and pearls.  Each was slightly different in the shape and colour of the stones, but they were all the same design.  Here's mine

 We both also got Ipad minis, which we are having fun with.
Here are some photos taken during Christmas day.

Kelsi & I in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to dinner.

Norah wasn't too sure about Uncle Adam because of the facial hair!

Aunty Bekah with her "favourite" niece!

She would sit on Aunty Alicia's lap, but this is about as close as Adam could get!

Boxing day evening we all went over to Andrew & Kelsi's for a buffet and games. 

With my sweetheart at the end of the day!

We are on our own for New Year's Eve as Adam & Alicia left on Friday and Andrew, Kelsi & Norah also left that day to go to visit Kelsi's family.  We put Bekah on a flight to Winnipeg Saturday morning to surprise Alex so they could be together New Year's Eve.  She is staying with his Parents until Wednesday. So tonight, we are having Lebanese takeout and watching Season 3 plus the Christmas special of Downton Abbey.  It doesn't start here until next week, but Alicia downloaded it (bless that darling girl!) and we watched two episodes with her before they left.  I know what happens, but I haven't told Wendell, so it should be a kleenex night ahead!

Wherever you are, I hope you have a safe evening and that 2013 is a great year for everyone!


  1. Wonderful photos, precious memories, and the quilts are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Thank you Scarlet. Any time with family is precious isn't it?!