Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Great weekend!

We had a wonderful time last weekend when Adam & Alicia were down for a visit.  It passed way to quickly though, but we enjoyed every minute with them.  Lots of Norah time which they loved!

Adam has always been baby crazy.  When Andrew & Rebekah were born he loved to kiss and cuddle them and would kiss the tops of their heads and nuzzle right in.  He still does the same thing - some things never change!!!

They brought presents among which was this cute little cupcake hat.  Isn't she edible?!!

My baby (Rebekah) with our little sweetheart

We played ""Headbanz" along with many other board games (we are a family of board game lovers!)  That game drove me crazy!

Alicia made sure she got her share of cuddles too!

Saying goodbye (tear!)

We are already looking forward to Christmas!


  1. Isnt little Norah growing? So beautiful, just like her mum!

    1. They grow so quickly don't they?! She is looking more like Andrew as she grows, but she does have her Mom's beautiful eyes!