Thursday, August 2, 2012

Almost done!

Well, the renovation of our front porch and driveway is done, now we are just waiting for the new front door which will arrive in two weeks.  Here are some photos during and after.

I know, it looks like a building site doesn't it?  Which is exactly what it was for a while.  It should have originally been finished a couple of weeks ago, but as they were putting up the railing I just happened to be pulling in to the driveway and realized that it was way too high!  They ordered a shorter one, hence the delay.  But it was worth the wait as here is the finished result, along with the new driveway and interlock.

We are enjoying sitting out there on our rockers.  It's almost like we are in our beloved Maine!

I realized that I haven't posted the quilt top for my first quilt, so here it is.

I have just started quilting it this morning.  I did finish the free motion quilting class and I must admit that I found it very frustrating!  It does not come naturally to me and will require a great deal of practice!  But I will keep plodding along until I conquer it.  Did anyone else out there have the same problem?

This is my seaside quilt and it still needs one more border.  It is made from Riley Blake's seaside collection and I just love this fabric.  I found out today that I won a fat quarter bundle of this from Lindsay at the cottage home.  I am so excited as I love it.  This is coming with us to the cottage in Maine in two weeks time!  Can't wait!!

And finally, our little sweetheart!


Playing with Mommy

Laughing at her reflection in the mirror.

Have a great weekend everyone.  We are in for a real hot one (40C).  We are in desperate need of rain here.  I know those in England would gladly trade places!


  1. Hi Julie, I love what you have done to your house.Looks very New England!! Only trouble is of course little Norah has eclipsed the house I'm afraid!! Isn't she growing ?
    You are right about the weather, as I write this the rain is pouring again. Enjoy your holiday X

  2. I dread to think what this dry spell will do to the cost of food this Fall! We really could use some of your rain if you'd like to send any our way. By the way, I meant to tell you that Tony's bread looks delicious and your baked treats look yummy. Glad to hear your Granddaughter is doing better - quite a scare for you!

  3. Your house looks beautiful - I would love to have a porch with rocking chairs - they always remind me of Anne of Green Gables! Gorgeous photos of Norah- she's growing so quickly. Our food prices are set to rocket because of all the rain we've had - many crops have just rotted in the ground and our allotment is dismal this year.

  4. How sad that your allotment has rotted. I guess there are pros and cons with everything. Kelsi (Norah's Mom) is a big Anne of Green Gables fan. She has read all the books and will no doubt introduce Norah in years to come. I love rocking chairs on the porch - nothing is more relaxing! Well, except rockers on the porch at the ocean!