Saturday, August 4, 2012

Looks like a party!

Having almost finished the front of our house, we now have to turn the attention to the rear of the house because of some uninvited visitors!  Last week, our neighbour, who has a beautiful vegetable garden, informed us that he had seen one of these in our garden coming out from under our shed.  Wendell saw a large one after that and a couple of little ones, so we assume that a Mommy and her babies have set up home under our nice big shed.

Skunks may be cute little things, but you do not want them around!  They really leave you alone and will only spray when they feel threatened, but nonetheless!!

The other night we were all watching the olympics when Wendell went upstairs to turn on the water for the grass and he called us up.  The sun was just getting low in the sky and as skunks are nocturnal, it was time to come out and play.  We didn't see the mother (maybe she'd told the babies to go outside and play while she cleaned house!), and not two, but FIVE little baby skunks came out to play.  We watched them wrestle with each other and play games. It was party time for them! It was really cute because we were on the other side of the glass, but we don't want these around for good!  We will be getting the pest control in to catch them and remove them.  It is all done with their safety in mind and they will not be harmed.  We will then need to replace our shed and make sure there are no ways for them to dig again.  Honestly, there's always something isn't there?!

My camera has been acting up lately and although my birthday isn't for another three weeks, Wendell and Rebekah went together and bought me a new one last week.  I really didn't want anything like this, but Wendell is a photography buff and convinced me that I want good photos of Norah and future grandchildren, so I need a good camera.  I got the Olympus PEN mini

I must admit that the colours it produces are beautiful.  Olympus apparently, are know for their blues and you can sure see it with the photos. Guess I'd better get busy and take more.  It will be coming to Maine in a couple of weeks and will get lots of use there!



  1. Big Ahhh!! they look so cute and I have never smelled a skunk but have heard the smell is appalling!! Still, as you say they dont spray unless provoked or disturbed but better moved on!

    1. Count yourself lucky Anne. I had never smelled one until I came to Canada and you're right - they are appalling! We do get the odour now and again as one might be hit on the road or something, but if you ever get it on your cllothing or body, I hear it's really hard to get rid of and you don't have any friends for a while!!!