Monday, August 13, 2012

Nine high tides until Maine!!

That's what we have been hearing from Wendell today!  We leave for our vacation in Ocean Park on Saturday and he has a tide watch and has been telling all who will listen just how many high tides are left before we arrive!

Now I know I showed you my first quilt top which is still being finished, but I have actually got another one to show you.  While it wasn't the first one I started, it is the first one I've finished and there is a very good reason for that.


A few weeks ago I ordered some "Seaside" fabric by Riley Blake on Ebay.  I just love this collection of fabric and thought I'd make a quilt to take on vacation to the "seaside" every year.  The fabric arrived in the mail and I got started.  Do you see the outer border in a sea green?  It's beautiful fabric and has little pictures of children playing on the beach with buckets & spades. As I finished up the quilt top and cut out the final border, I realized that I was about two strips short on that fabric and could have kicked myself for not ordering more!  

A few days later I was notified that I'd won a giveaway on Lindsay's blog.  Guess what it was?  A whole fat quarter bundle of seaside fabric!!

The fat quarter of the sea green fabric was more than enough for me to finish my outer border and I was just thrilled. Thanks so much for a lovely giveaway Lindsay!  Go and have a look at her blog. She always has great ideas.

I finished up my "Maine" quilt last week and gave it a wash to age it a little.  I may eventually embroider some words that bring back Maine memories for our family on some of the larger pale squares.

I am pleased with how it turned out.  I love the washed out seaside colours.
 This will go with us each time we visit (that will be three times this year!)

Ten more high tides - Yay!!


  1. Wow lucky you!! Wish we were coming too, still we are holidaying on the east coast in 3 weeks which I am looking forward to. I love the idea of a 'seaside' quilt and the finished one is just gorgeous.Also I think the idea of embroidering words on the Maine quilt is a fantastic idea.If we dont 'speak' before then Julie, have a wonderful holiday.Love, Anne

    1. Thanks Anne. I hope you enjoy your holiday on the east coast. I love Whitby and the surrounding area. If you're there have some fish & chips at the Magpie for me!

  2. That's beautiful! I love the muted, washed out look of it. I hope you have a fabulous holiday.

    1. Thank you Scarlet. We need the break and can't wait. I love the washed out look too - that's what makes it so perfect as a seaside quilt for me!