Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A tour of Ocean Park

I thought I'd show you some of the lovely houses and shops in Ocean Park.  Typical New England architecture - very rustic.

 The building at the top of the road is our little home for the duration. Right at the beach!

 This is a little antique store
 The grocery store where they make the best cinnamon buns & muffins.  We haven't had any this trip or we would have gained back all the weight we've lost!

 The soda fountain where they have wonderful ice cream.  We are saving this for our last day here as a real treat.

Hope you've enjoyed this little tour.


  1. Hi Julie, just catching up with my reading! I have thoroughly enjoyed the tour and hope we get to visit New England again one day soon. My mum and dad celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this week and I have been busy organising things for that but they had a wonderful day and loved everything, especially their telegram from the Queen.Take care,love Anne

    1. Like you, I love New England Anne. I guess part of the reason is that it reminds me of home in that it is very green and lush.So glad your parent's 60th anniversary went well. That is quite an accomplishment in today's world! I'm sure you've been really busy with all the plans. Have a good rest on your holiday this upcoming week. Talk to you soon. Love, Julie