Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here we are in Maine...and there we were in Utah!

Time has flown and I seem to have just got back from our Summer vacation and yet, in the meantime we have spent a week in Utah and are now back in Maine for our Fall getaway.  Let me try and bring you up to date. Warning - lots of photos!!

On October 3rd we left for our trip to Utah with the prime purpose being to go and see this.  Believe me, it was worth the visit!  We have been to conference before and if we don't go, we always watch all the sessions on the internet or over the satellite broadcast. The talks are the same whether in person or not, but the one thing that is so spectacular in person, is the music!  The Tabernacle choir sing at three of the sessions and nothing can compare with the experience of hearing them live with such wonderful acoustics!  On Sunday morning each week they broadcast a radio show called "Music & the spoken word". On conference Sundays it is broadcast live from the conference centre, and we got to watch it along with the rehearsal.

Along with conference, we also got to a attend a mission reunion from the Canada Montreal Mission when Wendell served in the Presidency.  We got to see so many of our lovely missionaries and catch up on what they have been up to and meet wives and children.

I got to meet up with a good friend from England who married an American and has lived in Utah for many years.  We were teenagers together in Manchester.

 Another one of our wonderful missionaries with his wife, baby and Mom

Another reunion.  Wendell with Shane Rowley (his favourite missionary companion when Wendell served in Finland for two years in 1979).

And with Shane's wife

Here we are in Macy's with Charlotte Etches.  Charlotte's Dad & I knew each other as youth in Manchester (small world!)

I took some photos of Salt Lake City and surrounding areas for those of you who may never have been.

The conference centre

The tabernacle

The beautiful and majestic Salt Lake Temple

The Tabernacle

The assembly hall

Our temple in Provo

The view of the BYU campus and Provo from the "Y" lookout.

It was such a busy week and we really didn't sit still at all except to eat.  There is a great Mexican restaurant chain there called "Cafe Rio" and they make the best salads.

I have to admit that we ate there twice!!

Before we knew it, we were on the plane headed home.

Now Wendell  & I are in Maine for the week.  We stayed in New Hampshire last night and left there early this morning so that we could arrive at church for 9am. Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit here around 4pm tomorrow, but they are expecting heavy winds and rain.  Waves could be as high as 15-20 feet and as we are right at the beach, we will keep an eye on things, but we will be safe and hopefully just enjoy watching it all.  I don't think we are going too far from here tomorrow and I suspect the weather channel will be on TV for most of the day.  There is a generator here, so even if we lose power, we will be fine.  Watch this space for more.......

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  1. HI Julie, some wonderful photos here.The Mormon tabernacle choir are famous throughout the world arent they? The auditorium looks amazing, and I can well imagine the accoustics are brilliant. I'm pleased you got to meet up with so many friends. Keep safe in Maine! Love Anne