Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tea towels

A couple of weeks ago Cuckoo had a lovely giveaway on her blog.  She was giving away a Greengate tea towel.  I love Greengate tea towels as they are so absorbent and besides that, they are beautiful!  I didn't win her giveaway, but I did head on over here to check out what they had on sale.  Was I in for a treat!  Al had some lovely tea towels and coasters for sale so I placed an order for these beauties.  

What a nice experience it was to buy from Al.  His customer service is great!  Go on over and see if you can see something you like.  You won't be disappointed!


  1. Hello Julie, I love your new blog header, in fact I didnt realize it was you at first. Have a wonderful Easter, Love Anne X

  2. Thanks Anne. I can't take the credit though. Rebekah was playing around with her blog and wanted to know if she could update mine and I was happy to let her! Have a lovely Easter. I will email soon - promise!