Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A wedding quilt

This is a quilt I am making for Rebekah & Alex.  It is made with a combination of Moda fabric from the Marmalade and Vintage Modern lines by Bonnie & Camille.  Rebekah loves these fabrics and I share her taste. They are so lively and bright. I will be making a queen size bed quilt for this one.

Will someone please tell me when this cute little girl...

.........turned into this beauty who is going to be married in a little over three months!

I really don't know where the 22 years have gone.  Seems like yesterday she was Norah's age and getting into everything.

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  1. Yes, I share your sentiments Julie. When they are tiny and such hard work we almost wish them to be older.Yet when they are older you just cant understand where the time goes.My eldest son is 32 next week, unbelievable!!