Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Catch up number 2

Well, I really had good intentions over the past few weeks, but again, time slipped by me.  Today has been a stay at home day (more about that later).  This post will be photo heavy, so beware!

March 7th was Norah's first birthday.  We actually celebrated it two days later on the Saturday as Adam & Alicia came down for the weekend from Toronto.  Poor little Norah was so sick that day with a bad cold, but she soldiered on and was civil with everyone (including Adam, who she wouldn't go near at Christmas because of his beard!!)  Here are some photos of the day.

With Aunty Alicia and her beloved "Scout" who was a Christmas gift from Adam & Alicia

With Uncle Alex

Brother & Sister doting over their niece

So sick, you can see it in her eyes!

Mommy & Daddy enjoying the day!

Being encouraged to rip paper!

Adam & Alicia

We put her gift ribbon on her head

First taste of cake

Having a wake up cuddle with Grandma

Fast asleep on Aunty Alicia

Blow out the candle Norah! Happy birthday sweetheart - we love you so much!

 Now for another matter.  Did anyone tell Mother Nature that Spring arrives tomorrow?!!

This is what I woke up to this morning.  Wendell left Sunday night for a business trip until Thursday night.  Our Snowblower is in the garage and I have no idea how to use it!  This snow was heavy and wet and the drifts were up to my knees in parts.  All I can say is God bless our neighbour across the street who helped me out and blew the drive.  There is no way I could have shoveled it all myself.  We have a big driveway that gets wider at the bottom and I would have broke my back trying to shovel. Just after he'd finished the driveway, the snowplow went by and left a huge pile at the end of it.  My next door neighbour then blew out the end of my drive as that stuff gets hard fast and is immovable!!

 So I baked some banana bread and sent some over to our wonderful neighbours!

We got a new Island in the kitchen.  We used to have a round table and chairs in the window, but I have wanted an island for some time as I am desperately short of work space in my kitchen. As it will just be Wendell & I at home after Rebekah gets married, we figured we'd do it now.  This works for breakfasts and we have dinner in the dining room.

The opposite side has open shelving so I freed up some of my large drawers which had my Le Creuset and mixing bowls and I love that everything is handy now.

Tomorrow I'll show you something I'm working on for Rebekah.


  1. Happy birthday to Norah!! Bless her, such a shame she was unwell but I'm sure she will have enjoyed her day Julie.I cant believe its a year! You have such a lovely family Julie, isnt it great to get everyone all together.
    Its snowing like mad here this morning but thankfully we never get as much as you do over in Canada!!

  2. My driveway is now black again as the temperature is a little warmer today. The snow banks will take a little while to melt though - but we've had them all winter long, so nothing new there!! I am anxious for Spring weather, to go walking again and get our rocking chairs out on our porch!!