Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New sewing room

This is what Rebekah's room looked like a few weeks before she moved out and got married. 

Everything was ready for moving.  We had already moved her double bed into our guestroom, so that they could have the queen size bed that was in there which, we bought when Andrew & Kelsi got married, so that Rebekah could take it when she got married (are you still with me?!) So as there was no longer a bed in her room, we moved her into the guestroom,

 This was actually her bedroom before Andrew got married two and a half years ago, so she felt very much at home in here.
Our plan for her bedroom was a sewing room for me so that I could move everything up from the basement where there would be so much more natural light.  Wendell wanted to put hardwood flooring down before I moved in, but I just wanted to get it moving.  Remember last year, when we were planning on painting our front porch and ended up building a totally new one, re-paving and intelrocking the drive, putting in a new front door and back shed? HERE.  Well it happened again.  We found some very well priced hardwood so ended up having all four bedrooms done, new bedroom doors, new closet doors and all freshly painted!
We are very happy with the results!

What do you think? This is my little sanctuary! One of our bedrooms is Wendell's office, as he frequently works from home. So now, when I am sewing or on my computer, we don't have to use the phone intercom to communicate - I'm just across the hall!  Love that!

See my growing fabric stash.  I have lots of projects planned.

This little lot in the basket is for the next quilt I want to make, which is for our bed.

This is my reading nook and also where I cross stitch.

When we were in Maine in the summer I found this beautiful little book about women in the US and their history of quilting.  It's the perfect bookshelf addition for my room.

I love this space and tell Wendell at least once a day!


  1. HI Julie, I'm just catching up!! I meant to email back sooner to say how much I loved your new sewing room. I think its pretty great that you have a space just for that and your fabric stash is amazing!! My 'stuff' is in cupboards and wardrobes and boxes scattered about the upstairs rooms and although we have four bedrooms I dont want to lose them as bedrooms so dont really want to convert one at the moment. We do intend to downsize at some point so will have even less room I expect. I will have to get organised properly!!

    1. Hi Anne, We figured we could give up another room as we only really need one guest room. Our family room in the basement has a pull out sofa bed, so we always have that if we need extra beds. I got Bekah's quilt from the quilter last week and now I just have to bind it. I will post photos when it is all done!

  2. How lovely to have your own sanctuary, very comforting and peaceful.

    1. That was my plan and it worked! Thank you Elizabeth.

  3. It looks the perfect sanctuary and sewing room, so spacious and tidy! You are sure to get lots of inspiration in this lovely space - enjoy your quilting.
    Gill xx

    1. Thank you Gill - that's what I'm hoping. I'd love to spend more time in it, but I get there when I can!