Monday, October 21, 2013

The colours of Fall

I figured I'd better post these pictures before our front porch turns all Christmassy. (Nov 10th our tree goes up FYI!!)

 Like a lot of people, I really do love this time of year.  I love the crispness of it.  I love the clothes.  I love wearing sweaters and boots and scarves. Winters in Ottawa are very cold and harsh, but Fall is a beautiful time, so we enjoy it while we can!

Don't you love the colours of the plants and leaves?  We have a huge maple tree in our front garden and it is always the last tree to shed its leaves on our street. This year Wendell will gather them with the blower and call Andrew & Kelsi to bring Norah over to jump in them.  That will be fun!
Yesterday they were over for lunch along with Bekah & Alex and I had Norah on the porch and she loved playing with the scarecrows.

Last week was our Thanksgiving weekend. I didn't cook a turkey this year, but did a ham instead.  However, I always make pumpkin pie - yum!  I added a sour cream apple pie as well.

Today is a very damp and cool day.  We leave for our week's vacation to the ocean in Maine on Saturday and I am getting excited!

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  1. Julie, I am loving your autumn scarecrows and pumpkin display on your porch. Happy Thanksgiving by the way, sorry, bit late there! I actually had my first ever piece of pumpkin cake on sunday, we went out with C,S O and N to the pumpkin event and I have to say it was divine!! Hope you have a great week and catch up when you get back. Happy Anniversary XX