Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spring has sprung.......finally!

After weeks of reading British blogs and looking at all your lovely flowers in your gardens I can finally say that Spring has come to Ottawa.  We are no longer looking at white, but things are beginning to green up!  It feels like it's been such a long winter.  Oh wait a minute - it has been!!  We have had snow on the ground since this post (please note the date of Nov 27th!!) That's a few days shy of five months! This has been a long winter for more reasons than one as well.  Having this frozen shoulder really set me back a few months and I felt caged in for most of the winter.  Now don't get me wrong - I do love to hibernate in the cold months, but I like it to be on my terms - not the fact that I CAN'T drive or go out.

But all is getting better every day and with physio it continues to improve. At least I can drive now and have a lot more mobility.  I cleaned the house from top to bottom in the last two days and the windows are getting a good clean inside and out on Saturday.  We have the kind that pop out to clean so I won't be climbing any ladders (I wouldn't do that with a good shoulder!)

To celebrate this lovely sunny weather we're having, I decided to whip up some new napkins yesterday. I like the bright sunny colours

I put some lighter bedding on our bed too

Gotta love Spring!

We love basketball in our family. All three of our kids played it when they were younger and Wendell coached all three as well. Each March the NCAA has a tounrament which is televised and it has been a long standing tradition in our house..Andrew & Kelsi don't have cable TV so they move in for three weekends in a row so that Andrew can watch with his Dad.  We have a lot of fun and this year Norah was old enough to watch a little and cheer the teams on.  Here she is on her Grandad's lap.

And on Grandma's lap looking out the bedroom window (See all the snow)

She came into our room every morning and joined us in bed.  Then after I'd made it one day she played in the pillows!

What a cheeky face!

For Easter weekend we went to Palmyra in upstate New York with Alex & Rebekah to go to our temple there.  It was such a nice weekend.  The sun was shining and we enjoyed being together. I love Easter and the newness of life it brings.  How grateful I am for all that I have because of the events of Easter so many years ago.  An event that changed history forever.  I hope you enjoyed the weekend however you celebrate.


  1. Lovely post Julie and hope by now you're shoulder is much improved. Five months of snow, wow, that must've been hard for you all. Love the napkins and your bedding is so pretty. Glad you enjoyed Easter and were blessed with having family around you.
    Patricia x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Patricia. I have had a hard time blogging lately as there has been little to say really, but I think Spring will hopefully remedy that!

  3. HI Julie. Lovely that you are starting to feel much better and are able to do more again. Loved seeing the photos of Norah, such a grown up now!! and after quickly glancing at the photo of what I now realise must be Norah's dolly I thought Wendell was cuddling a new born baby! I was just going to say you had kept that one quiet......! I keep intending to email and I promise I will when I find a spare moment.Lots happening here and I am so looking forward to our week in the Cotswolds.Have a lovely weekend.XX

    1. Good to hear from you again Anne. Yes, Norah is a real little girl now. The baby has gone! It sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. I hope your Mum is doing better soon. Family health issues are never easy to deal with. Have a wonderful relaxing week in the Cotswolds - such a beautiful part of England! xxx

  4. Hi there, just catching up! Lovely to see that spring is coming for you and that your shoulder is improving. Glad that you had a good Easter, hope that your weekend was good too! xx

    1. Hi Amy. Yes, the sun is shining today and I think I may go for a walk. Don't you feel you come alive in Spring?! Wendell is away in Toronto later today until Wednesday night. At which time Norah will be with us until Sunday night as Mommy & Daddy are away for their anniversary. Fun times ahead!